Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Weekly Weddle

The smiling young man seen above is Chargers second round draft pick Eric Weddle, out of the University of Utah. This guy pretty much rocks, from blanketing Calvin Johnson in the Emerald Bowl to playing both ways against Air Force for a total of 90 plays while collecting eight tackles and 53 rushing yards.

During Saturday's game against the Rams, E-Dub made two tackles, but more noticably was beaten by Isaac Bruce on a deep in pattern, after jumping the hook route. No biggie, there will be a few bumps in the road on the way to becoming the best white defensive back in the NFL, while leading the Bolts to a title.

This is your weekly Eric Weddle update. In other news, the Bolts have been graced by some superstar presence as of late. Actor Denzel Washington made a locker room appearance during their trip to St. Louis, while Hall of Famer Troy Aikman made a visit to training camp.

Here's Eric in on a gang tackle. The white jerseys with the white helmets look awesome, in my opinion:

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d'licious said...

Weddle = Jason Sehorn - Angie Harmon (mmmm Angie Harmon).