Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fairytale Football 101

The 1970's had the Pet Rock. In the 80's, Dungeons & Dragons became a movement. 90's? Well the 90's allowed it to be cool for 30-somethings to stay at home on Friday night and play Playstation. Welcome to the 21st Century, and Fantasy Football is here to stay.

Sure as death and taxes, every August comes the newest fantasy football magazine for the low, low price of $8-12.99. Forget the glossy pictures. Nevermind the articles written by the guy at the end of the bar. In the coming days, Professor Newman will be detailing the ins-and-outs, recommended resources, strategies, etc.. of the game that, up until 3 years ago, I thought was the stupidest idea I've ever heard.

Class dismissed...

By the way... I don't want to be accused to lifting copywritten material, so the above image can be found by way of the good folks at

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harrington.dw said...

Dear Professor Newmsy: Will you be discussing the empirical validity of the "Third Year Receiver Theory" ?