Friday, August 31, 2007

Labor Day Links

-Want to bet on how many fantasy points Matt Stover will accumulate during a game? Now that Vegas is taking Fantasy Football bets, your dreams have been fulfilled. Pretty sure this is not a good idea. [MSNBC]

-First big game of the college football season, Cal vs. Tennessee, Smokey vs. Oskie fight to the death! Here's some point spread analysis for any gambling degenerates who are reading this. [Gooner's Guide]

-Charles Barkley thinks the 80's Celtics teams were ugly people who wore ugly clothes. In other news, Larry Bird has announced an endorsement deal with Just For Men, to pimp their new line of products for the Pubic Hair Moustache. [SLAM Magazine]

-Larry Dobrow's rankings of the best organizations in baseball. The Padres are ranked seventh. Yay, Petco still blows. [CBS Sportsline]

Everybody have fun killing brain cells this weekend!


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