Monday, August 20, 2007

Please God Make it Stop

Last week, I complained of the atrocity that is Seacrest "hosting" the Super Bowl. Now it appears he is hosting the Emmys as well. Seriously!?! Does Fox realize there are other "hosts" in Hollywood? The Emmys suck anyway (no love for The Wire or Veronica Mars? Lame) so I guess Seacrest will just add to the suckiness, but after the show last year with Conan, I thought things were looking up. I mean who's gonna host the E! pre-show...actually, probably Seacrest.


Liz said...

Seriously, why/how is Seacrest everywhere?! He freaks me out. Do people actually like him?

harrington.dw said...

Yeah, I don't mind Seacrest.

I'd have a beer with him.