Thursday, August 23, 2007

Early Favorites for the Matt Bush Award

Interestingly enough, some reviews are already in for this year's Major League Baseball amatuer draft. Hardball Times has announced their 2007 "DRAFTY" awards, and it's no surprise that the Tigers got the biggest steal by taking New Jersey prep righty Rick Porcello, who fell into the late first round due to signability issues. Porcello joins a stellar group of young pitchers in Detroit that GM Dave Dombrowski has assembled, which includes last year's first round pick Andrew Miller.

The biggest projected bust of the draft, and this should come as no surprise to Padres fans, is Arkansas southpaw Nick Schmidt. Already sidelined with elbow problems, scouts say that Schmidt is already on the fast track for Tommy John surgery. He would join Matt Bush and Cesar Carrillo as former first round picks who basically suck or have gotten hurt within the first two years of being drafted by San Diego.

Overall, there is some nice video in this article, and interesting analysis on the number one overall pick David Price. They also talk about the Giants effort to rebuild for the post-Bonds era. Happy Thursday everyone!

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