Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Who Sold Their Soul to Satan?

Growing up in San Diego, the Chargers always, well, pretty much sucked. They had a few good years (1994, when they went to the Super Bowl for the first time, was pretty sweet) but for the most part, they were heart breakers. Same with the Padres. I don't really remember the '84 series (I thought sports were boring at that age...not enough singing and dancing) and, other than '98, the Padres were usually pretty forgettable. We had a bunch of stellar players through the 80's and 90's (Dan Fouts and Tony Gwynn come to mind), but most seasons, San Diegans didn't really expect much.

Now, it's so bizarre to have two, dare I say, really good teams. Both are ranked in the top 5 of ESPN's power rankings (say what you will about ESPN) and both are poised to have back to back post-season appearances. Even more bizarre is seeing Ladainian Tomlinson's face everywhere as THE guy in the NFL. He's a Charger for chrissakes! No one outside of SD likes the Chargers! And Padres Ace Jake Peavy is inciting jealously from Yankee fans, who snottily say to me, "We can't all have Jake Peavy on our team." Damn right, you can't. He's a ours. Jake struck out 11 guys last night for about the millionth time in his career and looks ripe for his first Cy Young. It's just all so weird.

SD has always been the place to go for weather and beautiful people, but now we have good sports teams, too? I feel like my head's gonna explode.


harrington.dw said...

Easy there, remember the motto:

"Sand Diego sports, choking at it's finest."

harrington.dw said...

P.S. Petco sux.

Liz said...

When the Chargers play the Patriots for the first time this season? That should be a fun game ;)

Red said...

A. Stop being a hater, Dave and B. Bring it, Liz.

harrington.dw said...

Chargers vs. Patsies in three weeks, I think.

Wanted to vomit after the last time they played.