Thursday, August 30, 2007

Athlete Site Reviews, Part 1

This is the first installment of a potentially two or three part series of athlete website reviews from around the internet. We'll be covering sports accross the board such as football, baseball, the NBA, hockey, curling, greyhound racing and alligator fondling.

First up is Baltimore Ravens linebacker Bart Scott's website, I am assuming that he is not actually mad about anything, but that the title simply refers to his mad skillz.

Visual: 8/10. Love the grainy, Dracula-esque site design. His purple-eye logo rocks, too.

Audio: 7/10. Just a looped violin part, but it sounds creepy. Don't jump out of the screen and horse-collar me, Bart.

Store: 10/10. Cop your Madbacker shirts. For reals.

Photo Gallery: 9/10. Mr. Scott's football camp pictures are great. It took a lot of great police work by officer McNulty to keep Avon and his thugs away from the kids.

Overall Score: 8/10. Madbacker is not a great mad-time-waster, but it looks cool, and even has a section for his cell phone pics. But it is empty right now, burner phones are a b*tch.

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Don't f*ck with Stringer Bell